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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

Novelist Richard Kadrey is taking over the writing of DC/Vertigo's Lucifer following the departure of original series writer Holly Black. Kadrey, who was listed as a co-writer on December's Lucifer #13 with Black, will become the full writer in January.

“I’ve been a fan of Richard’s since Sandman Slim and I can’t imagine anyone more perfectly suited to take up the infernal reins of Lucifer,” says Black. “I feel incredibly lucky to have written Lucifer’s return to comics and now I feel equally lucky getting to kick back and read what happens next.”

Kadrey is best known for his prose novel series Sandman Slim, which began in 2009. The writer has written for comic books - and specifically Vertigo - before, however. Kadrey worked on 2000's Accelerate with Arnold and Jacob Pander.

“I’m both thrilled and a little intimidated to be taking over Lucifer,” said Kadrey. “Mike Carey’s run on the series was a beautiful thing. And I love where Holly has taken the story and characters. I’m going to do my best to live up to their high demonic standards.”

There was no word of a artistic change in the book from regular series artist Lee Garbett.

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