Kickinger to Play Conan? Shades of Arnold!

Kickinger to Play Conan?

Last week came word that Marcus Nispel would be directing the upcoming re-start of the Conan film franchise, and now, it seems that we have a Conan.

According to the Hollywood Reporter’s Risky Business blog, the 41 year old Austrian actor named Roland Kickinger is in talks with Lionsgate and Nu Image/Millennium to play the barbarian who would be king.

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger before him, Kickinger is also a bodybuilder who decided to move into acting; and also played a Terminator – T-800 model - in Terminator: Salvation. And weirdly enough, Kickinger also played Schwarzenegger in See Arnold Run a 2005 biography which ran on A&E.

Filming on the feature is slated to begin in fall in Bulgaria.

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