ALIENS: DEAD ORBIT Unites ORC STAIN Creator With Classic Sci-Fi

Aliens: Dead Orbit
Credit: Dark Horse
Credit: Dark Horse

Writer/artist James Stokoe made his name subverting the fantasy genre with Orc Stain, but now he'll turn his hyper-detailed eye towards the sci-fi genre with Aliens: Dead Orbit, a new mini-series from Dark Horse launching in 2017.

“I always joke that when other kids were getting older and falling out with superhero comics, they went deep into [Dan] Clowes and Fantagraphics books and all that, but I got into Aliens comics,” Stokoe told CBR. “I got almost all of my comics at a local used book store, so I my selection was pretty limited, but I loved — and continue to love — a ton of those older series. So, on a personal note, this series is a chance to go digging around that specific area of my creative DNA.”

Credit: Dark Horse

Aliens: Dead Orbit takes place on a remote space station, which will be invaded by Xenomorphs in true Aliens style.

“The narrative bounces between pre and post alien attack on the station,” Stokoe explained. “I’m having to draw the same settings in various states of disarray, but still keep it recognizable, which has been a bit of a challenge with all the million little pipes and terminals and whatnot. It’s definitely a big departure from the Orc Stain environments, but more technical sci-fi stuff is always fun to draw.”

Aliens: Dead Orbit #1 is scheduled to debut April 26, 2017.

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