JESSICA JONES #1's Surprise Antagonist - SPOILERS

Page from 'Jessica Jones #1'
Credit: Marvel Comics
Jessica Jones is back in her own title, and she’s brought some serious super drama with her. Opening with a mystery and ending with a surprise reveal, Jessica Jones #1 spells trouble in paradise for one of Marvel’s most stalwart super couples.
Spoilers ahead for Jessica Jones #1.
Credit: Marvel Comics
It's not specificed which baby they’re talking about, but the implication seems to be that Misty is looking for Jessica’s daughter, Danielle Cage. These suspicions are furthered when Carol Danvers leaves a message for Jessica, asking how she’d feel “if the situation were reversed.” 
Jessica takes a case that may deal with the collapse of the Ultimate Universe in Secret Wars, from a woman whose husband claims he once led a different life. The woman suspects he’s from another reality.
Credit: Marvel Comics
Finally, while investigating the woman’s husband, Jessica is confronted on the last page by Luke Cage himself, who demands to know where the baby is – seemingly confirming that Jessica has absconded with their daughter Dani.
While this could be a bait and switch with a different baby – especially since Dani is now more of a toddler, as seen in Power Man & Iron Fist – it seems more like a “Hail Hydra!” situation, where there’s far more than meets the eye.
Interestingly, during Brian Bendis’ "Secret Invasion" issues of New Avengers, there was a single panel teasing that Dani Cage may have been a Skrull, with her eyes turning a sickly green color in the style of other characters who had been replaced. Could Bendis be picking up his own plot thread here, and revealing – years later – that Dani Cage is indeed a Skrull?
Jessica Jones #2 is on shelves November 16.
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