JOHN RIDLEY Makes His Way Back To Comic Books

Credit: Georges Jeanty / Nick Filardi (DC Comics/Vertigo)

12 Years A Slave and American Crime screenwriter John Ridley is reviving his DC Comics' title The American Way with a new miniseries beginning summer 2017. Ridley reunites with original series artist Georges Jeanty on The American Way: Those Above and Those Below, a six-issue series from DC's Vertigo imprint.

"On the 10-year anniversary of the series, it feels both fantastic and appropriate to be able to return to The American Way," said Ridley. "Though I have been very blessed over the last decade in both film and television, there is a very special sense of accomplishment that comes with seeing your work on display at the local comics shop. I’m so thankful to everyone at DC for giving both me and our many fans the opportunity to revisit the stories, themes and perspectives that were such an integral part of The American Way."

Originally published in 2006 under DC's WildStorm imprint, The American Way followed a group of costumed superheroes set in an alternate timeline where they were part of the major events of the 1960s. This new series will start up in 1972, hitting on what DC describes as "the year of Richard Nixon, Angela Davis, Watergate and the Weather Underground, when social and political tensions in America were at an all-time high."

"I am elated to return to The American Way and join John on this new journey," said Georges Jeanty. "In regard to the artistic approach, the series picks up ten years later, and I want to show the grittier side of the ‘70s by composing pages with heavier considerations to shadows and somber lighting to underscore the unrest and uncertainty of the times."

Ridley has been a working screenwriter and director since the 1990s, writing such films as 12 Years A Slave and creating ABC's American Crime. In the mid-2000s, Ridley was recruited by WildStorm for a brief series of work including The American Way, as well as one-shots featuring the Authority and Warblade.

In 2015, it was reported that Marvel Studios had hired Ridley to develop a new live-action series for ABC  that "involves reinventing an existing Marvel superhero character or property." No further details on that project have been released.

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