As WILDSTORM Relaunches, ORAL HISTORY Project Gets Closer to Release

Art by Dustin Weaver
Credit: Dustin Weaver
Credit: George Sellas

Just as DC announced the revival of the long-dormant WildStorm line under the guidance of Warren Ellis, writer/editor Joseph Hedges has released the title and cover for the upcoming Wild Times: An Oral History of WildStorm Studios.

"What’s cool about the scope of this project is that, as I interview people and they talk about the work they did for WildStorm, they are naturally discussing some plot points and story beats so a lot of the blanks are filled in as I go," Hedges told Newsarama back in April 2015. "As I edit everything together and separate chapters into eras and years, I’ll write short blurbs that will set the stage a little. This way you don’t have to be a die-hard WildStorm fan to follow along the amazing story of the studio and the incredibly talented people involved."

The release date and a Kickstarter for Wild Times: The Oral History of WildStorm Studios is expected to be announced soon.

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