Report: Syfy's KRYPTON Casts Lead Character, SUPERMAN's Grandfather

Credit: SyFy/Warner Bros.
Credit: The Lir

London actor Cameron Cuffe has been cast as Superman's paternal grandfather, Seg-El, the lead role  in Syfy's Krypton, according to Deadline. Set two generations before the events of 2013's Man of Steel, Krypton chronicles the alien planet decades before its destruction - similiar to Syfy's Caprica, a prequel to Battlestar Galactica.

Seg-El is described by the online Hollywood trade as "the scion of the once prosperous El family and is blessed with an intuitive brilliance for all things technical; he is now living in Krypton’s lowest caste after his family was stripped of its rank."

Cuffe has a relatively slim resume coming into Krypton, which Deadline compares to Superman: The Movie's Christopher Reeve and Smallville's Tom Welling. The actor had a brief part in the recent Florence Foster Jenkins, and is currently filming the ITV series The Halcyon. In a bit of a coincidence (as seen in the photograph to the right), Cuffe wore a Superman shirt while appearing in the stage play "Pains of Youth" while studying at the Lir.

Georgina Campbell, another British actor, was previously announced as playing the female lead,Lyta Zod.

Krypton is scheduled to begin filming a pilot later this year in Serbia, with Colm McCarthy directing based on a screenplay by Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer and Ian Goldberg.

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