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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics
Apollo and Midnighter have been a power couple for years, long before they were part of the DC Universe. But the early days of their relationship have rarely been explored – until now, that is. With the upcoming Midnighter And Apollo miniseries, writer Steve Orlando and artist Fernando Blanco are examining the beginnings of their relationship through the lens of getting back together after a break up.
“There is an opportunity with the DC Rebirth where we’re meeting them at an earlier time then we’ve ever seen them before (discounting nerds like me who’ve been following them since the beginning),” Orlando told GLAAD. “When we first met them in 1998, they already knew for sure that they were the one for each other. They already knew each other, barring a quick flashback, for five years off screen that we never got to see. Since they were reintroduced in the new continuity, we’re living in those moments.”
Credit: DC Comics
“For example, we know that Superman and Lois are meant for each other,” he continued, “And I‘ve never had any questions about that, but it’s fun to see Midnighter And Apollo get there, because it’s a place we’ve never gotten to see before. We never got to see their formative years as a couple. And of course for superheroes, formative means explosions, and superhuman fights at the ends of the earth and all those things, but it’s still them figuring all these things out.”
The six issue Midnighter And Apollo builds on Orlando’s previous volume of Midnighter, with the first issue hitting stands October 5.
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