GARY REED Passes Away

Baker Street #1
Credit: Caliber Comics
Credit: Gary Reed

Caliber Comics founder/publisher and writer Gary Reed passed away this past weekend following a heart attack. The news has been confirmed with individuals close to Reed's family.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Reed first entered the comic book industry as a retailer - at one point owning a chain of four stores in Michigan. While working full-time as a retailer, Reed ran his own King Kin Comic & Fantasy convention for three years while also balancing a weekly radio show and public-access television program.

Caliber Comics was launched by Reed in 1989, becoming a major independent publisher featuring titles such as The Crow, Deadworld, Negative Burn, and the early works of writer/artist Brian Michael Bendis. It was here that Reed also published his own Baker Street title, illustrated by Guy Davis. In 2000, Reed closed Caliber and sold the remainder of his comic book store chain, seguing to a career as a college professor teaching biology.

In 2005, Reed returned to comic books with a new Deadworld series with Desperado - then publishing under Image Comics' banner. The writer revived several other Caliber titles in that time, and in 2007 established a new comic book company with Rafael Nieves called Transfuzion Publishing. That company eventually segued into the re-establishment of Caliber Comics in 2014.

Reed is survived by his wife, Jennifer, and four daughters.

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