"John Carter of Mars" art
Credit: Garry Brown (Dynamite Entertainment)
Credit: Hayden Sherman (Dynamite Entertainment)

Brian Wood and Alex Cox are revamping Edgar Rice Burrough's John Carter of Mars for a new series at Dynamite Entertainment.

"Taking on a classic literary icon like John Carter is no small thing, and working with Alex Cox to find a direction that both honors the past and looks into the future has been a great challenge, one that we both are enjoying immensely," says Brian Wood.

Credit: Garry Brown (Dynamite Entertainment)

Dynamite has released no details on the artists involved, nor the timeline for the book's publication. Garry Brown and Hayden Sherman illustrated pieces for the project however, provided here by the publisher.

"The John Carter series is one of the all-time great Sci-fi/fantasy epics, and having the opportunity to play in that sandbox is just awesome. Brian's concept is unlike any John Carter story to date, but with a lot of reverence for the world that Burroughs built." states co-writer Alex Cox. "Beyond that, we're drawing on everything from Jodorowsky to Jesse Marsh to John Wayne to make this story as cool as possible. I think people are going to love it- old school superfans, and also people who have no idea what a Rykor is."

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