MARVEL Launches Syrian Civil War Title with ABC NEWS

"Madaya Mom" preview
Credit: Marvel Comics / ABC News

Marvel Comics and ABC News (a fellow Disney subsidiary) launched a new digital comic title based on the true accounts of an anonymous woman living through the Syrian Civil War. Titled Madaya Mom, the storybook-style comic book is adapted from a series of blog posts titled "Syria Starving: A Family's Fight for Survival" about the unnamed mother of five.

Credit: Marvel Comics / ABC News

“[The Mother] agreed to speak with ABC because she wanted her story – and the story of her neighbors -- to be known; however, with no visuals coming out of Madaya, our team spent a considerable amount of time imagining the ways we could illustrate her powerful journey,” said ABC News Digital Executive Producer Dan Silver. “With their storied history of innovative and emotional storytelling, we knew that our colleagues at Marvel would bring this story to life in a truly unique and expressive way.”

The blog posts are adapted to comic book form by artist Dalibor Talajic, with ABC News Digital managing editor Xana O'Neill and series producer Rym Momtaz.

"An extraordinary tale of courage and resilience, the heroic Madaya Mom shows strength in the midst of tragedy, turning an incredibly difficult situation into an opportunity to give a voice to her people," states Marvel's press release.

Credit: Marvel Comics / ABC News


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