Report: ARROW, WALKING DEAD Stars Can Earn Up To Six Figures At Convention Signings

Flash and Arrow
Credit: The CW

The market for autographs and photos with the stars of genre TV is more lucrative than most fans even realize, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Some stars - such as Arrow's Stephen Amell and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus - reportedly regularly command over $100,000 figures over a weekend of signing appearances - sometimes making even more than they would make from an episode of their respective TV shows.

"If somebody wanted to do a convention every weekend, they could make more on the convention circuit than their episodic fee," says Amell

The Arrow star found the business of convention appearances so lucrative that he started his own agency, WFA Entertainment, to represent himself and other celebrities for these appearances. 

"The fact is, a guest star on a TV show can [get] around $10,000, whereas you can work two days at a convention and pull in the same amount — and sometimes double and triple that," said Firefly alum Jewel Staite. Staite said convention signings help supplement her income while she was pregnant with her son. 

However, stars who turn down acting work to appear at conventions may reportedly find themselves having a harder time booking acting gigs later on. Still, even A-list superhero stars such as Chris Evans, Jason Momoa, and Tom Hiddleston are making time for conventions, undoubtedly lured by the large paychecks.

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