SUICIDE SQUAD Recruits GREEN ARROW Artist To Profile Newest Member

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Credit: DC Comics
Credit: Stephen Byrne (DC Comics)

Green Arrow's Stephen Byrne has been named as the latest artist to do a back-up story in Rob Williams and Jim Lee's twice-monthly Suicide Squad title. According to Diamond Comic Distributors, Byrne will illustrate a story focusing on the new recruit Hack, which will appear in Suicide Squad #5, scheduled to be released October 26.

"She saved the Squad's bacon in the Black Vault, but who is Hack? Where did she come from? And why is she such a Harley Quinn fangirl?" reads Diamond's information. "Discover the secrets of the Suicide Squad's newest recruit in this crucial tale by series writer Rob Williams and red-hot artist Stephen Byrne (Green Arrow)."

This news comes out just four days before retailers must place their final orders of Suicide Squad #5.

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