[Redacted] Returns In NOVA #11 - SPOILERS

Page from 'Nova #11'
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This week marks the final issue of the current volume of Nova, which follows the adventures of Sam Alexander as the current (and sole) wearer of a Nova helmet. Sam's been on the scene since 2011, taking the mantle of Nova after his predecessor, Richard Rider, was trapped in a pocket universe fighting Thanos.

In a private retailer presentation at Comic-Con International: San Diego in July, Marvel revealed that Rider would be returning to co-star with Alexander in a new "Marvel NOW!" Nova title - and now they are putting the pieces for that title in place.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for Nova #11.

In Nova #11, Sam finally encounters the Worldmind - the source of knowledge for the Nova Corps, where the minds of dead Novas are stored. In addition to discovering that his father's mind is not housed in the Worldmind, Sam makes an even more startling discovery. The Worldmind isn't a simple artificial intelligence - its physical embodiment is bonded with Richard Rider himself. 

Credit: Marvel Comics

After a heart to heart in which Richard, temporarily gaining control over the Worldmind, gives Sam some advice about his superhero career, the elder Nova convinces the younger not only to continue operating as Nova, but to do so openly, trusting his friends with his secret. Finally, Richard is once again taken over by the Worldmind, seemingly trapped in the pocket dimension in which the Xandarian A.I. is housed.

However, there is a brief epilogue in which Richard arrives back at his home on Earth, greeted by his mother. It's unclear if he escaped the Worldmind, or the precise nature of his arrival. Given that he arrives in street clothes (as opposed to a Nova costume), he may or may not have his Nova power intact.

The new Nova volume co-starring Rider and Alexander is scheduled to debut December 7.

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