JIM ZUB Leading 'Building Your Comics Project' Master Seminar Online

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Great comics start with great planning, according to comics writer Jim Zub (Wayward, Dungeons & Dragons, Skullkickers), and in his Comics Experience Master Seminar, Building Your Comics Project, he'll reveal his strategies for creating a strong foundation. Whether creators are seeking a publisher for creator-owned work or going on their own with the self-publishing route, they'll benefit from Zub's business and storytelling savvy in this one-day seminar on October 29, 2016.

Zub will cover the behind-the-scenes information that can be daunting to new and experienced creators alike. Zub has mastered many different aspects of creating comics, conquering the world of creator-owned and self-published books, as well as teaming with established publishers; in this entertaining and informative six-hour seminar he will share knowledge he has amassed over years of experience.
Collaborating, pitching, and budgeting will all be demystified, and a question-and-answer session with both Zub and Comics Experience founder Andy Schmidt will give students the opportunity to have their specific needs addressed.

"Jim and I have done several panels at conventions on building a project," Schmidt said, "and it's become more and more plain how necessary seminars like this have become in the age of creator-owned comics."

"Planning, budgeting, and pitching a project may not have the pure creative appeal of a lesson in writing or drawing," Zub added, "but that 'under the hood' project management knowledge is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting a comic started, keeping it rolling, and taking it over the finish line."

The price for the Building Your Comics Project seminar is $295, which includes two weeks of access to a recording of the seminar, including the question and answer portion. Learn more about Jim Zub and the insight he will share in this essential seminar in a mini-interview, posted on Comics Experience's website, comicsexperience.com.

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