Report: Valiant's BLOODSHOT & HARBINGER Movies Rescheduled & Re-Arranged

Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Sony has changed plans for its Valiant Cinematic Universe which will now launch with Harbinger, moving Bloodshot behind it as a follow-up, according to TheWrap. Bloodshot will reportedly act as the villain of Harbinger, before segueing off to his own film afterwards. With Bloodshot originally announced for a 2017 release date, its not known if Harbinger will assume that launch window or is planned for a later timeframe.

The delayed Bloodshot film will now reportedly be based of the 2012 revamp, which was part of Valiant's line-wide relaunch.

The online Hollywood trade says that Harbinger's move was done not only to seed the now follow-up Bloodshot film, but other possible spin-offs as well - naming Faith, HARD COrps, Livewire, and Generation Zero specifically.

Sony has plans for Valiant's titles to act as a five-film series, culminating in a Harbinger Wars crossover film.

No projected release dates for Harbinger or Bloodshot have been announced.

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