BARRY & WALLY Hand-In-Hand In Latest DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1 Cover

"DC Universe: Rebirth #1" fifth printing cover by Phil Jimenez
Credit: Phil Jimenez (DC Comics)
Credit: Phil Jimenez (DC Comics)

DC Universe: Rebirth #1 continues to sell out and go back for reprintings, and this week's fifth printing will have cover art by Superwoman writer/artist (and one of the artists of DC Universe: Rebirth #1) Phil Jimenez.

Although the exact print runs aren't known, given the first printing was 18 weeks ago, this latest reprinting seems to indicate sustained interest among retailers (and their customers) for the issue and the ensuing "Rebirth" era.

The DC Universe: Rebirth #1 fifth printing will debut this Wednesday, with a $5.99 price point.

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