DETECTIVE COMICS Writer On TIM DRAKE's 'Death,' What Comes Next

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Detective Comics #940
Detective Comics #940
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Writer James Tynion IV says Detective Comics #940 was like having his cake and "eating it too."

After all, Detective Comics #940 gave Red Robin Tim Drake a dramatic death, as he sacrificed himself to save people throughout Gotham City. However, it also saved the character's life, as it was revealed that Tim Drake was somehow grabbed just before his apparent death and imprisoned by the mysterious "Rebirth" character Mr. Oz.

For the next two issues of Detetive Comics, characters will have their hands full as part of the "Night of the Monster Men" crossover. But the event - which also crosses into issues of Batman and Nightwing  takes place all in one night.

So when readers pick up Detective Comics #943 in October, the characters will still be reeling from the loss of their teammate Tim just one night before.

What comes next for the characters in Detective Comics, now that they believe Tim is gone? Newsarama talked to Tynion to find out.

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Newsarama: James, readers might be a little upset with you for taking Tim Drake off the playing field, but I think they might also be relieved that you didn't kill him..

James Tynion IV: [Laughs.] Yeah, Detective Comics #940 is pretty much the definition of having my cake and eating it too.

Nrama: Getting to kill off a character in a really touching self-sacrifice, but not really killing off the character.

Tynion: Yeah, yeah. Most of the time when a character dies in superhero comics, it's just to bring them back a little bit later. So being able to do it in a way where we're not even trying to play that game with the fans is great - we get to play a different kind of game, which I'm much more excited about.

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Nrama: I talked a little bit earlier this week to Tom King and Steve Orlando about how the Batman characters react to Tim's death, and we've seen a couple issues of "Night of the Monster Men." But how about your team and your book in particular? Does this affect Detective Comics even past "Night of the Monster Men?"

Tynion: The entire Detective Comics team is a little off kilter. They just lost the heart of their group. So yes, it definitely affects them.

But even more than that, Batwoman's father is responsible for his death. He's locked up in the Belfry right now. And we'll see how that relationship develops now with Jacob Kane in Bat-custody.

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Really, the Detective team is in a state of disarray. They lost. I mean, they saved the day. Everyone who was targeted by those drone attacked - they saved them. But they lost a member of their own team. It was cost none of them thought they've have to experience. Especially an experienced member of their team like Tim. This isn't one of the new trainees. This is a Robin.

Nrama: We've been told that "Night of the Monster Men" takes place over one night. What comes after that night for the characters in Detective Comics?

Tynion: The storyline that comes out of "Night of the Monster Men" is called "The Victim Syndicate." It will explore the insecurities of the team directly following the events of #940 and Tim's apparent death.

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It's going to be very centered on Stephanie Brown/Spoiler and her emotional journey following Detective Comics #940. We'll see her trying to figure out the real cost of being a part of a group like this.

Nrama: This attack by all these Monster Men comes at a pretty bad time for this team, doesn't it?

Tynion: It does. And after we come out of the crossover, you'll see not only the effects of Tim's death but also "Night of the Monster Men." We're going to see a city that is not happy with Batman. And we'll see the team members unsure of the whole mission.

So there are big impacts that Detective #940 and "Night of the Monster Men" are going to have carrying forward in Detective Comics for awhile to come.

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