Un-Amazing SPIDER-MAN In Action With Fan Art Series

"A Spider A Day" art by Josh Lynch

"Dogs of the Marvel Universe" artist Josh Lynch is back with a new fan-art series, this time depicting Spider-Man in some unconventional - and dare we say un-amazing (pun intended) - actions.

"A Spider A Day started as an art challenge to make myself draw something (not for work) every day," Lynch told Newsarama. "The gist is that everyday I do a quick one off drawing of Spider-Man doing something non-heroic. He's often doing something I did that day or based off something I watched on TV or read, or I sometimes take suggestions from followers."

With only minor set-backs, Lynch has done 302 A Spider A Day pieces with the ultimate goal of 365, signifying a full year of sketches.

You can see all he's done so far and follow along as Lynch does more at aspideraday.tumblr.com.

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