The Q: Cap's Creators on His Return

As the return of Steve Rogers was announced yesterday, not only were the fans and retailers talking about it, but so were the creators.

With the hero being revived to star in the five-issue Captain America: Reborn mini-series by Ed Brubaker, Bryan Hitch and Butch Guice next month, Newsarama talked to a few of the creators who worked on Captain America over the years to find out what they thought of the whole thing.

As we do every month on The Q, we asked one question to a handful of creators:

- As a former creator on Steve Rogers as Captain America, what do you think about the news that the character will be back alive in the Captain America book after having been killed two years ago?

Jim Steranko (Hercules: Knives of Kush, Nick Fury: Agent of Shield): What do I think? I wonder what took them so long! I'm guessing the novelty was wearing thin. And, for the record, I had a suspicion that Joe Q and his crew would do the right thing. Was there any doubt in your mind? Cap's always been my favorite character and it'll be good to have him back making comic book history again.

Gerry Conway (The Last Days of Animal Man): With the exception of Gwen Stacy, it seems like nobody ever stays dead in the Marvel Universe for long.

J.M. DeMatteis (Savior 28, Metal Men): Well, if you're asking if I'm surprised: not in the least. Is anybody? But I'm happy, because I have tremendous affection for Steve Rogers. He's a terrific character and I'm delighted that he's coming back.

Rob Liefeld (Youngblood, Killraven, Image United): I think that anytime a comic book event draws attention from the mainstream media, it's a definite plus for our industry. As a legendary character and a historic comic book icon, Captain America deserves all the attention that Marvel can muster and I hope it provides greater sales success for retailers.

Roger Stern (Marvels: Eye of the Camera, Amazing Spider-Man Family): I think that it's great! But now... what the heck happens to Bucky? Ed's made me care so much about him, I'm worried about the guy!

Mark Waid (Amazing Spider-Man, Unknown, Irredeemable): I think the timing is just about right. I think this is sort of reflective of the sense of new hope we have in the country. I know this is something Ed's been wanting to do for awhile, but I'm glad he put it off as long as he did because it really helps it have more impact.

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