Do You Look Like DOCTOR STRANGE? Disney Theme Parks Wants You

Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange
Credit: Marvel Studios

Disney Park has issued a casting call for actors to portray Doctor Strange for a limited engagement at Walt Disney World Resort later this year. It's unknown at what specific events these lookalikes would appear, or if they could also appear at the company's other theme parks across the world.

Auditions for the lookalike parts will take place on September 26 at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Disney is seeking "males, 5'11"-6'2" with an athletic build" for the part. The cinematic Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch, is 6'0".

Prior to being purchased by Disney, Marvel entered into an agreement with Universal Studios' theme parks. Although the precise details of that contract remain unknown, it has prevented Disney from fully utilizing Marvel's characters and concepts in its North American theme parks except under special circumstances.

Disney has has costumed actors dressed as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America at various "meet-and-greet" events at U.S. Disney parks in the past. Earlier this year, plans were announced for a Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney California Adventure. Several years ago an Iron Man ride was announced for Hong Kong DisneyLand.

Doctor Strange is due for a November 4 theatrical release.

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