Where Do Comic Book KICKSTARTERS Live? A City-By-City Data Visualization

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Credit: Kickstarter

Earlier this year, Kickstarter announced that over $50 million had been pledged to comic books via its crowdfunding platform - and now a data visualization company is looking where those comic book Kickstarters originate from, with some interesting results.

Polygraph recently published an interactive map of the various communities using Kickstarter, broken down city-by-city. Using this tool, readers can see which cities lean towards what kind of Kickstarter project, and which don't.

For example, 7.18% of all Kickstarter projects originating from Columbus, Ohio are in Kickstarter's "comics" category. That is over three times the national average (2.09%), with Pittsburgh at 4.58% and Orlando at 4.25%.

You can read the full results here.

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