Devil's Due / 1First Comics DECEMBER 2016 Solicitations

Devil's Due / 1First Comics December 2016 cover
Credit: Devil's Due / 1First Comics

Inspector OH #2
(W) Matt Yuan (A) John Yuan (CA) The Yuan Twins
Few people know what to do when they're stranded in hell and surrounded by demons, but Inspector Oh does!  At least he would if he weren't suffering from amnesia.  Can Ziyi buy her uncle enough time to recover his wits or are they doomed to spend an eternity in the underworld?

White #2
(W/A/CA) Dan Schaffer
Willa Harba is left unprotected in the shark infested Pacific with her only hope - a SAT phone that is quickly running out of battery. Floating on what's left of the air plane and a bite to the leg with her blood spilling into the ocean, thing's can only get better from here, right? Despite the bleeding, sharks are oddly moving away from the area. Willa gets in contact with a marine biological survey team that has their eyes on her...through an experimental satellite camera fitted on a 22-foot Great White Shark headed her way. From British fan favorite Dan Schaffer (DOGWITCH, THE SCRIBBLER).

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