Would EDDIE MURPHY Do a Superhero Movie? Yes, As Long As it Isn’t ‘Bulls**t’

Still from "Mr. Church"
Credit: Cinelou Films

As superhero films have become one of the movie industry's most dominant genres, more and more mainstream actors are joining the fold - and others are asked if they'd do it. While promoting his upcoming drama film Mr. Church, Eddie Murphy was asked if he'd ever consider a superhero movie and the actor had some unique, but perhaps realistic, concerns.

"I’m kind of long in the tooth to fly in in a cape now, so I’d have to be like the voice of reason or somebody. 'Don’t do that, super-fellow! Or we need such-and-such,'" Murphy told Mashable. "I would do a superhero movie if it was funny and we were making fun of superhero movies and I figured out how to do something funny. But even I don’t buy me flying in with a cape on and you know, fucking everybody up, having lasers shoot out. See this? Doesn’t this look like bullshit? What would you call this? Who would I be?"

Interview Jeff Schneider chimes in with the name 'The Grabber,' which Murphy plays on.

"The Grabber? Yeah, Eddie Murphy is The Grabber. See this? This looks like bullshit!" continued Murphy. "f you seen a poster like this on the street, and lasers are shooting out my fingers and I had a cape on. You would go, 'get the fuck out of here.'"

Although Murphy has not been in any films or television shows based on comic books, the Shrek franchise is based on the picture book by William Steig.

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