POLL: Should Captain America Come Back?

POLL: Should Captain America Come Back?

Spoilers for Captain America: Reborn ahead

The truth is now known. The July-launching Captain America: Reborn will tell the story of one Steve Rogers clawing his way back to the land of the living to once again be Captain America (okay, that last part was speculation – as Tom Brevoort said, there’s no guarantee Steve will want to jump right back into being Captain America when he does return).

But the news has caused a split in opinion. Bucky Barnes has been serving admirably as Captain America since shortly after his mentor’s demise, and there’s a vocal contingent of fans who feel that two and a half years is just too short for Bucky to be Cap. Likewise, there are fans who’ve never really taken to Bucky and have been longing to see Steve wearing the red, white and blue once again.

Interestingly, when we ran a poll very similar to this one back in April, the majority of respondents said that they were okay with the idea of Rogers returning to be Captain America – in 2011 or later, in time for the character’s 70th anniversary.

So what do you think? Is it time for Steve to come back? Should he stay away and be someone else’s issue in a couple or more years? Should he and Bucky be co-Captains for a while?

Hit the poll below and then hit us up with your idea scenario for a Steve Rogers/Captain America return if you have one.

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