Whatever Happened to Valiant's 2017 BLOODSHOT Movie?

Valiant Entertainment October 2016 cover
Credit: Valiant Entertainment
Credit: Valiant Entertainment

In 2015, Valiant Entertainment struck a deal with Sony Pictures for a bold five-picture deal beginning with a Bloodshot film scheduled for release in 2017 – but with 2017 now already in our sights and no release date, casting, or further details announced, Newsarama has to ask: what happened?

While there’s always the off chance that Valiant/Sony is attempting a surprise film release a la the recent Blair Witch, the more likely proposition is delays internally – Sony hired directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski fresh off the surprise hit John Wick, and they’ve currently split off to solo direct The Coldest City and John Wick: Chapter Two, respectively.

Bloodshot cosplayer at DragonCon
Bloodshot cosplayer at DragonCon
Credit: George Marston (photo)

Although neither Valiant or Sony would comment on this story, a source close to the project told Newsarama that Sony is “in love” with the prospective Valiant film franchise and had recently tasked Arrival screenwriter Eric Heisserer to do a script re-write of Bloodshot. The film studio is also said to have recently extended the option on Harbinger, another part of Valiant’s five-picture deal.

The five-picture deal remains for two Bloodshot films, two Harbinger films, and a fifth crossover movie, Harbinger Wars.

So does this mean a live-action Valiant movie (or movies) will happen? Comic book fans know the future of any film is uncertain (even from Marvel Studios), but expectations are that Sony will eventually announce a revised release date for Bloodshot pushed back from 2017.

Maybe in time for cosplayer Jesse Fresco, whom Newsarama met at DragonCon (seen at left).

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