DC Launches New SUPERGIRL Origin Title in December

"Supergirl: Being Super #1" art by Joelle Jones
Credit: Joelle Jones (DC Comics)
Credit: Joelle Jones (DC Comics)

DC Comics has announced Supergirl: Being Super, a new four-issue series that is an out-of-continuity retelling of the Girl of Steel's origin with a "very John Hughes" vibe according to writer Mariko Tamaki. The Caldecott Award winning This One Summer author is joined on Supergirl: Being Super by one of DC's latest exclusive artists, Joelle Jones. See a full gallery of art from the upcoming series in this album.

"I was approached by DC a while ago, and it was a project that I was interested in," Tamaki told The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision. "Of all the DC characters, Supergirl was always one who's stood out to me. I was really excited when they approached me."

Tamaki's take on Supergirl comes from an unlikely source: the films of John Hughes.

"I come from a very John Hughes place, because I'm very old and that's my starting point for starting to talk about adolescence," explained the 41-year-old author. "There's something about taking a weekend in someone's life and just focusing on what happens in that time. Although, obviously, if you're writing about superheroes, then about ten times more things can happen than would if you're a regular kid living in Toronto, Canada."

"I try to be very aware of the storytelling aspect," added Jones, who recently took part in the DC Writer's Program, "so I try to put myself in the position of people approaching comics for the first time, but beyond that, I want to work on something that excites people, and create something that people want to read."

"Supergirl is the perfect starting point for writing, for me, what it means to be sixteen years old," said Tamaki. "We had a lot of free rein to take the character as the inspiration for our story."

Here's the official synopsis: 

Imagine this: You're an alien. You have super powers. You are SUPERGIRL. But you're also 16, a teenager just trying to survive the day-to-day life of high school. The upside is, yes, you can fly, you can crush diamonds with your bare hands. The downside is that being super can be a super complicated and super confusing thing to be, especially when the whole being super thing is a secret.
This is the story of Kara Danvers, known to her home planet of Krypton as Kara Zor El. On the one hand, Kara is a typical teen, navigating relationships, friendships, and classes, on the other she's a being with immense power and potential, with the added responsibility of managing her developing super powers. As if transitioning into adulthood wasn't hard enough!
As Kara turns 16, her powers begin manifesting in bizarre hot flashes, glowing zits, symptoms that are becoming harder to control. That's right, two words, ALIEN ZITS. This new series is more than just heroics. It is the action-packed and heartfelt story of Kara Danvers and her attempts to balance the roles of teenager and hero.
This is a fresh take on Supergirl full of passion and ingenuity, with some added teenage irony. The first issue of the new series will debut December 28th, with subsequent issues being released every other month. Each issue is super-packed with 48-pages of story, in prestige format.
Supergirl: Being Super is scheduled to debut December 28.
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