MARVEL Actor Wants To Play Ben Affleck's ROBIN

Still from 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
Still from 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'
Credit: Entertainment Weekly
Ryan Potter in 'Supah Ninjas'
Ryan Potter in 'Supah Ninjas'
Credit: Nickelodeon

It has not been revealed whether Ben Affleck's upcoming Batman solo film will feature Robin, but if it does, at least one actor has already thrown his hat in the ring - and with a specific Robin in mind. Ryan Potter, who voiced Hiro in Disney's Marvel animated film Big Hero 6, has expressed interest in playing Tim Drake in the film.

"Tim Drake has a real nice ring to it," the actor tweeted.

Potter followed that up by tweeting at Ben Affleck, "'Asian American Tim Drake Adds Diversity To Justice League Cast' Headlines write themselves." He moved on to jokingly adding his name to the Wikipedia entry on Drake, and saying he was "going to fight for" the role, thanking fans for their support in the process.

In addition to voice acting, Potter is an accomplished martial artist and starred in Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas.

A Robin costume was seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it was defaced by the Joker, signifying the death of one of the Robins, likely Jason Todd as in comic books.

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