Rebirth JLA Writer Revealed, JL VS. SS's Long-Lost Super Villain, New JETSONS Title

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Credit: Ivan Reis (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics announced  the writer of Rebirth's Justice League of America title, an all-new Jetsons title, and that a long-lost super villain would be returning as part of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad winter event, as noted by Diamond Comic Distributors in a retailer-only report of its recent Baltimore summit.

Newly-exclusive DC writer Steve Orlando will helm the upcoming Justice League of America title. First announced in the initial wave of 'Rebirth' news this past spring, earlier this week the publisher revealed that the title would spin-out of the events of the December/January event Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.

And speaking of Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, several new details about the series have been fleshed out by DC. First up, this six-issue event series "will reintroduce a supervillain that hasn't been seen for some time" according to Diamond. In their own description DC seemingly refers to the villain as “an evil threat once thought lost to the DC Universe.”

"The day that Amanda Waller has long dreaded has finally come to pass: the Justice League has discovered the existence of Task Force X!,” reads DC’s official description for Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. “America’s paragons of truth and justice won’t take well to a government-sponsored team of black ops super-villains (with bombs implanted in their heads), but before the Justice League can shut down the Suicide Squad, a bigger problem looms: another deadly strike team is lurking in the shadows, one that could expose dark secrets throughout the DC Universe, with ties to the hidden truths of 'Rebirth.' Longtime enemies such as Batman and Deadshot, the Flash and Boomerang, and Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn will have to put aside their differences when an evil threat once thought lost to the DC Universe makes their return.”

Credit: DC Comics

More creators have also been added to the mix, with Justice League artist Tony S. Daniel now illustrating the core Justice League vs. Suicide Squad title with the previously announced Jason Fabok, and Nightwing writer Tim Seeley joining Rob Williams on the Suicide Squad tie-in issues.

“This story is another building block to ‘Rebirth,’” said DC CCO/President Geoff Johns, who also wrote DC Universe: Rebirth #1. “With all of our heroes back on the board, it’s the super-villains turn. And the events within will set the stage for ‘Rebirth’ Phase 2 as a surprising team emerges and another piece of the puzzle of the future of the DC Universe, and the past, comes into focus.”

Lastly, a Jetsons title by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti has been announced for DC's growing Hanna-Barbera line. Artwork was shown at the event, but neither DC nor Diamond have released it to the public.

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