Gillen Teases Upcoming Projects, Including Return to MARVEL

"Siege #3" variant by Phil Noto
Credit: Phil Noto (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Image Comics

Kieron Gillen has given a surprisingly-upfront rundown of his upcoming projects, including several unnannounced projects that include a new Marvel ongoing title - one which Marvel has confirmed to Newsarama.

"UNANNOUNCED MARVEL THING - Two issues written. Inks arriving for the first issue, which are an utter delight," Gillen said on Tumblr. "I think people will love it. It’s an ongoing."

In July 2015, Gillen said that he felt "a little burned out" on Marvel's superhero universe and wouldn't be doing more in the near future after Secret Wars' Siege. Although he said he would continue on the then-ongoing Darth Vader title. In May of this year, Marvel announced that Darth Vader would be ending with the upcoming 25th issue.

Given that Marvel has both its superhero line and Star Wars line (in addition to other outside works), Gillen stating he's working on an "unnannounced Marvel thing" doesn't necessarily mean he's doing more Marvel Universe work.

Other projects outside of Marvel were also touched upon, from the ongoing The Wicked + The Dvine and Uber, to unnannounced titles such as Modded, The Ludocrats, as well as an unnamed OGN, one-shot, miniseries, and an undefinited project referred to as "The Spangly New Thing."

You can read Gillen's full post with more details here.

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