SHALVEY's SUICIDE SQUAD Shelved (or Actually Never Was)

DC Rebirth September covers
Credit: Lee Bermejo (DC Comics)
Credit: Lee Bermejo (DC Comics)

Updated September 1, 2016 at 4:34 p.m. ET: Despite being announced in their weekly newsletter to comic book retailers and as of this updated still listed that way in the Diamond System, DC Comics informs Newsarama that Declan Shalvey is not illustrating the Suicide Squad #3 back-up story. Instead, DC states that Philip Tan and Elmer Santos will be illustrating that Katana back-up story, with Rob Williams writing.

DC didn't specify how this came about, whether it was a clerical mistake on their part or a last-minute change of plans on whom was to draw the story. Shalvey was unable to be reached for comment.

This is how DC describes the story: "The chilling history of the Suicide Squad's most mysterious member, this lavishly illustrated story reveals how the deadly warrior Katana came to be."

Original Story: Suicide Squad's artistic roster has grown by another member, as in-demand artist Declan Shalvey will illustrate a back-up story in Suicide Squad #3, which is scheduled to be released September 28. This was announced in a newsletter DC Comics sent to retailers this week.

Shalvey's back-up will focus on the origins of Katana. Whether this is a new "Rebirth" iteration of her origin, or a retelling of the one previously seen in the "New 52" is unknown. Whether the story is also written by Shalvey is also unclear, as DC's announcement only says the story will feature his art despite Shalvey recently expanding to write with the current Civil War II: Choosing Sides' Nick Fury story. Regular Suicide Squad series writer Rob Williams has written all the previous back-ups.

In the recent wave of "exclusive" announcements from Marvel and DC, Shalvey is one of the few creators doing high-profile work for both publishers - All-Star Batman and now Suicide Squad for DC, Civil War II: Choosing Sides for Marvel - while also balancing the creator-owned series Injection at Image.

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