Report: BLACK LIGHTNING TV Series In Development From DC-CW Showrunner

"Black Lightning: Year One #1" cover by Cully Hamner
Credit: Cully Hamner (DC Comics)

A live-action Black Lightning television series is in development, according to Deadline. The lead producer of DC's various CW superhero shows Greg Berlanti is reportedly overseeing the project for Warner Bros. Television, with The Game creator Mara Brock Akil and her husband Salim Akil writing the prospective pilot. The series is reportedly being pitched to networks now.

According to the Hollywood trade, the Black Lightning series frames the titular Jefferson Pierce as a retired superhero who is pulled back into his costume after his daughter is recruited into a local gang. In comic books, Pierce had two daughters: Anissa (a.k.a. Thunder) and Jennifer (a.k.a. Lightning).

Interestingly, Deadline says that Warner Bros. have been developing a Black Lightning series "for well over a year," with several "different incarnations" before the studio found something it liked.

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