Justice League vs. Suicide Squad
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics' first major "Rebirth" event, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad, will begin in December, according to the Wall Street Journal. Former Justice League artist Jason Fabok will illustrate the series, with Flash's Joshua Williamson writing. The six-issue event series will be published bi-weekly in December, with the remaining four issues to ship weekly in January.

“This is something DC had been talking about for a while, even before I came on,” said Williamson, who described a concrete two-year plan DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has for "Rebirth."

According to the newspaper, Justice League vs. Suicide Squad begins after Batman begins to question the viability of Amanda Waller's Task Force X with the Justice League already in operation.

“He decides to put a stop to it,” Williamson said. Waller has appeared in recent issues of "Rebirth"'s Batman title, with that series writer Tom King saying that future issues would have the Dark Knight assembling his own version of the Suicide Squad.

In addition to the core six-issue Justice League vs. Suicide Squad title, issues 9 and 10 of Suicide Squad, as well as 12 and 13 of Justice League, will tie into the event.

Credit: DC Comics

A new Justice League of America title (originally announced with the first "Rebirth" wave of news) will reportedly spin out of the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event in February, with more "quarterly events" planned for DC in 2017.

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