AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #17 Kills Two Classic Characters - With A Wrinkle SPOILERS

"Amazing Spider-Man #17" art by R.B. Silva
Credit: R.B. Silva (Marvel Comics)

This week’s Amazing Spider-Man #17 marked major changes in Spidey’s supporting cast moving into The Clone Conspiracy - primarily for Hobie Brown, better known as the Prowler, and Peter Parker’s occasional stand-in as Spider-Man.

Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #17

Credit: R.B. Silva (Marvel Comics)

While investigating New U – secretly a front for the Jackal - for Peter, Hobie (as the Prowler) runs afoul of the new female Electro named Francine who makes her debut in this issue. Despite orders from the Jackal to “catch not kill” Hobie, the new Electro fatally fries the long-time Spider-Man supporting character.

And Hobie's not the only one Francine takes out - she also kills the original Electro, Max Dillon, in the course of gaining her powers.

Credit: R.B. Silva (Marvel Comics)

But as they say... "Wait, that's not all..."

Fortunately for Hobie, the Jackal’s New U procedure really does bring people back from the dead. Or at least, it clones them with their memories intact. Unfortunately for Peter Parker, the new Hobie seems to like what Jackal is up to – after all, as Jackal says repeatedly, he and his crew are “the good guys.”

With Prowler set to debut in his first ever solo series in October, this is an interesting wrinkle leading into that series.

Newsarama will have more information later today in an exclusive interview with Prowler writer Sean Ryan.

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