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Updated September 2, 2016: More details about Image Comics' planned relocation from Berkeley, California to Portland, Oregon have been revealed in an interview with company publisher Eric Stephenson. In an interview with OPB's State of Wonder, Stephenson said the decision was both financial and creative.

“Since we have so many creators here, we’re going to be able to talk to them face-to-face instead of over the phone or email or at conventions,” Stephenson said, estimating that over 20 Image creators live in the area. “We’re going to keep doing what we’ve been doing, but hopefully better, thanks to our proximity to creative people.”

Although the choice was described by OPB as being Stephenson's, Image co-founder/co-owner (and and Portland resident) Jim Valentino was said to be a major proponent for moving to Portland

Stephenson said that Image has already secured an unspecificed office space in Portland's Montgomery Park, that is both bigger and cheaper than their current Bay Area space.

“The Bay Area has changed over the last 12 years,” said Stephenson. “A lot of people focus on the expense. It’s not just that. The culture has changed a lot. It’s become more of a corporate place.”

Original Story: Long-time California-based Image Comics is planning to move its offices to Portland, Oregon, in the near future. Following an unconfirmed report by ComicsBeat earlier this month, Newsarama has confirmed the move from a person inside the company, as well as learned additional information.

According to a source within the company, Image plans to relocate later this year. No major executive changes are expected with this move, but it's unclear how much of the existing staff will relocate to its new offices roughly 600 miles up the West Coast.

For the past 12 years, Image Comics has been based in Berkeley, California - relocating from its original Anaheim headquarters to be closer to then-publisher Erik Larsen.

In recent years, Portland has become a hotbed of comic book activity. Both Dark Horse and Oni Press have operated in the Northwest city for decades, but in recent years numerous comic creators have moved into the city. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund also recently moved to Portland, citing rising rent in New York City and Portland's proximity to comic creators.

Earlier this year, Image held its annual Image Expo in nearby Seattle coinciding with Emerald City Comic Con.

Image Comics declined to comment on this article.

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