Marvel's NIGHTHAWK Cancelled, Writer Speaks

Marvel May 2016 cover
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

The "All-New All-Different Marvel" title Nighthawk has been cancelled, according to series writer David F. Walker. The writer attributes the publisher's decision to low sales, saying that despite the title being "well reviewed" it " didn't receive any commisserate sales numbers.

"Some people are concerned because Nighthawk was no among Marvel's solicitations for November. This is an unfortunate reality of comics," said Walker. "Quality is not always enough to guarantee success. Comic books are an industry that is driven by money and sales. Sad but true."

Launched in May 2016 with series artist Ramon Villalobos, Nighthawk debuted as the 50th highest-selling book of the month on the direct market but "the numbers dropped and never picked up" according to Walker.

Earlier this month, Marvel informed retailers that artist Martin Morazzo would be replacing Villalobos on the scheduled October issue #5.

Walker said that Marvel does plan to release a collected edition of Nighthawk #1 through #6 in 2017.

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