CYRUS HYDE Gets His Hands Bloody In PARIAH MISSOURI Preview

"Pariah Missouri Book Three" preview 8-26-16

The supernatural frontier saga set in 19th Century America continues in a preview from "book three" of the upcoming Pariah Missouri hardcover, which recently achieved funding on Kickstarter.

Pariah Missouri
Wordds by Andres Salazar
Pencils by Jose Pescador
Finishes, Colors, & Letters by Andres Salazar
After 4 years of the making, doing conventions and SDCC, the supernatural frontier story is now ending on book 3. The completed saga will total 320+ pages and tell the story of a boom-town on the Missouri year 4 year before the Civil War and the crime family that are in control. The Kickstarter is the comics, an role-playing game and a TIME Stories boardgame scenario all based on the comics.

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