First Look: Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama #1 Variant

First Look: Ash Saves Obama #1 Variant

A couple of weeks back, we brought you word of Dynamite's plans to team Army of Darkness' Ash with President Barack Obama in the five-issue Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama. Today, the publisher has provided Newsarama with your first look at the variant cover for issue #1, featuring Ash in a very Obama moment, well, a moment courtesy of Shepard Fairey...

Dynamite's press release for the cover, in part, reads:

Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that Ashley J. Williams, the wisecracking, chainsaw-wielding star of their hit Army of Darkness series, is meeting the man in charge and taking a trip to the White House in the all-new mini-series event appropriately called, ASH SAVES OBAMA: A NEW HOPE?

"We've addressed this a bit, but for the record, there's a lot of skepticism about all these Obama appearances in comics these days," said Dynamite Associate Editor Joe Rybandt. "But hands down, we feel this is the best out of all of them, because really, no one else gets to throw Ash, Obama, a comic book convention and hordes of Deadites into one four issue series mixed in with the realism of President Obama trying to help save the auto industry. So, for all the "posting haters" out there, we've heard them all (and even came up with a few of our own): Army of Darkness: Beating a Deadite Horse, Army of Darkness: Jumping the Deadite Shark, Army of Darkness: What, Again? - of wait, that's the sequel we've got brewing… and so on."

regular cover

"This is a fun series." stated Dynamite President Nick Barrucci. "As soon as we were able to get Elliott on board, and Todd Nauck signed up for covers, it felt like this would be fun, with a great story element from two pieces of popular culture. The President of the US trying to save the auto industry and being a comic fan at a comic convention, and Ash being at the self same comic convention. What a coincidence, huh? Then, bringing in Ariel as the artist, and Lucio Parillo for the "homage" covers, just rounded out the project extremely well."

He's faced them all, but Ashley J. Williams is about to face the greatest horror of his entire deadite-kickin' career - a comic book convention! But this ain't any ol' comic book convention; this one features a special appearance from the president of the United States of America - Barack Obama! How do things go from there when Ash and Obama are in the same place at the same time? And did we happen to mention that the Necronomicon is there doing the thing it does best - turning ordinary humans into the demon possessed undead!

This special Army of Darkness four-issue mini-series event is written by Elliott (Army of Darkness/Xena) Serrano, illustrated by Ariel Padilla and features covers by Todd (Amazing Spider-Man) Nauck and Lucio Parillo!

ARMY OF DARKNESS: ASH SAVES OBAMA #1 (OF 4) is scheduled for an August release. Also available, ARMY OF DARKNESS: ASH SAVES OBAMA #1 special Foil Edition!


Covers: Todd Nauck, TBD

Writer: Elliot Serrano

Penciller/Inker: Ariel Padilla

Rating: TEEN+ …$3.50

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