Update: FLASH's SAVITAR Not Cast, But THE RIVAL Reportedly Is

Art by Alan Davis
Credit: Alan Davis (DC Comics)
Credit: The CW

Updated August 24, 2016: The Vampire Diaries' Todd Lasance is joining the cast of CW's The Flash, but not as Savitar as previously stated by The Hollywood Reporter. Greg Berlanti took to Twitter to refute that report, saying "For all those tweeting me or elsewhere. We have NOT cast Savitar. Those reports are incorrect."

Lasance is now reported by TVLine as playing the Rival, a lesser-known speedster originally introduced in 1949's Flash Comics #104. Interesting, the Rival is one of several characters who in comic books have used the "Reverse-Flash" moniker as well.

Original Story: The Vampire Diaries actor Todd Lasance has been cast as the villianous Savitar for the upcoming third season of CW's The Flash, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Savitar was previously named by the network as one of two 'big bads' along with Doctor Alchemy for the upcoming season, but Lasance's casting is new.

Created by Mark Waid and Oscar Jimenez in 1995's The Flash #108, Savitar quickly became a key adversary for the Scarlet Speedster after the memorable "Dead Heat" arc.

The Flash's new season begins October 4 on the CW.

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