Marvel Inaugurates JACK KIRBY WEEK

Jack Kirby Week
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has announced plans to honor one of its most iconic creators, Jack Kirby, in a week-long celebration on nits website titled "Kirby Week."

Described by the publisher as one of its "founding fathers," Jack Kirby's week-long event will run on Marvel's website from August 22 to August 28 - that end-date coinciding with what would have been his 99th birthday.

"During Kirby Week fans will get to explore how Jack Kirby brought his creative genius to the Marvel Universe through several articles devoted to 'The King' himself," reads Marvel's statement. "Check out the first in-depth article devoted to the origins of one of Jack’s most monstrous creations - The Incredible Hulk."

Additional articles and podcasts are promised from the likes of Kirby's son, Neal, as well as comic book historian Peter Sanderson.

No mention is made on if Marvel will be including "Kirby Week" on any of this week's comic book releases.

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