THOR: RAGNAROK Set Photo Finds Returning [Redacted] In Surprising New Circumstances

Thor: Ragnarok
Credit: Marvel Studios

Odin's fate was left a mystery at the end of Thor: The Dark World, with Loki having replaced him on the throne of Asgard using his illusory magic. Now, a photo from the set of Thor: Ragnarok may reveal Odin's whereabouts.

The image shows a disheveled Anthony Hopkins dressed as a homeless man on a Brisbane set meant to look like New York City. This may mean that Odin was cast down to Earth, much like he did to his son in the first Thor film. This scene may also be connected to one that was recently filmed that appears to take Thor to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, also set in New York.

Thor: Ragnarok is currently filming for a November 4, 2017 theatrical release.

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