Up & Coming: Vig Saminathan

Up & Coming: Vig Saminathan

Vig's take on a possible Batman

While some of us may be delighted by the biggest and the most popular in the world of comics, we all realize that for every popular book, writer or artist there has to be a beginning. While there are many ways to success with each story finding its own route, there is one attribute that can be found in each one: talent. Up & Coming is a regular feature at Newsarama.com that seeks out the next generation of comic creators and profiles them today.

The various creators we profile for ‘Up & Coming’ come to our attention through various ways: surfing websites, scrolling through forums, or recommendations from friends. Today’s pick comes to us through the third route, and boy was he right. Malaysian born Vig Saminathan might only be 28, but he shows all the talent of an artist who’s been doing this for some time.

And in an ‘Up & Coming’ first, Vig hasn’t done any comics. None. Maybe you can convince him to get out there?

Newsarama: Vig, it’s good to finally talk to you. Tell us, what do you do for a living right now?

Vig Saminathan: Well, I currently work as a Production Manager in a factory making wood related products. I'm also the designer for some of said products and when the need arises, the sales person at conventions. One year in and still learning on the job. Before that, i designed/drew school books.

NRAMA: Do you have any upcoming comic work planned?

VS: Other than a cover for a independent publisher last year, nothing much. I've sent submissions to some local publishers but I guess, it was not to their liking. I was emailed by a well established American creator who liked my work when I played along in the Comicbook Idol Play at Home forum. There was work offer but it didn't pan out.

NRAMA: What comics have you done in the past?

VS: No, have never done actual comic work. My New Year resolution is to start drawing and sending submissions. I'm just itching to draw something, anything but currently tied up with work in the factory.

NRAMA: I noticed you tried out for CBR's Comic Idol 3, and although didn't get picked you produced some great pages. Can you tell us about those pages?

VS: Oh yeah, Comic Idol 3. That was a lot of fun. I had no interest to participate at first, because i had no sequential pages in my online portfolio. Had a change of heart once I started seeing some of the submissions. Cobbled together some crappy pages at the last minute for submission. Didn't get in. Then I heard about the Play at Home forum and gave it a shot. Tried week one's script and got hooked. Particularly seeing what everyone else did with the given script.

My favorite was week 2, the Wonderlost story. The script was very nostalgic. It was with those pages that I got noticed by someone established in the industry.

Vig's take on Spider-Girl

I wish I had continued practicing after the competition but work started stacking up in the office and couple of months later, became a factory manager. I still try to draw something with whatever free time I have.

NRAMA: What initially prompted you to get into art?

VS: Cartoons, lots of cartoons. From there came doodling. Over time, art became the only thing i was genuinely passionate about.

NRAMA: Did that interest take you to an art school at some point? If so, what’d you study?

VS: I studied Graphic Design, where Illustration was part of the program. In my final year, i changed my major to Animation and Film which had life drawing classes & film studies. I had to say, that before college, i was proud with my Grade Z Jim Lee clone style but after being taught & exposed to so many styles and principles, i had to relearn how to draw and in a way that I'm comfortable with. It's still evolving till this day.

NRAMA: Do you have a dream project you'd like to work on?

VS: X-Men. I can't help it, it was my favorite when I seriously started collecting comics in the nineties. At the same time, the X-Men cartoon was very popular here. I became a big Marvel fan in part by that cartoon (and later Spider-man) and the newsstand I frequent, which stocks mostly Marvel comics. So, any Marvel character is cool too. Genre wise, anything is fine by me. Well, maybe not Westerns.

NRAMA: Finally, Vig, what comics do you read most these days?

VS: I don't read as much as i used too. Just trades. Titles like Captain America and New Avengers. Anything by Mark Millar. And my favorite, 100 Bullets. Those and some local comics in digest form.

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