Reader Polls: Which Marvel Movies Are You Most Anticipating?

Blog@: Mickey Rourke as Whiplash

Marvel Comics continues to make regular headlines in the feature film department. Just today the first image featuring actor Mickey Rourke as Whiplash in Iron Man 2 surfaced. A few weeks ago the leads of the 2011 Thor movie were announced. And just within the last few days Marvel's President of Production Kevin Feige announced a new Marvel movie slated for 2012 (presumably previously unannounced) that would be revealed within the next few months.

So that got us to wondering of the upcoming Marvel movies with a relatively firm release date over the next few years, which is our readers most looking forward to?

And while we have you on the line, we thought we'd take the opportunity in our first ever double poll to see which new movie (from a list of a few of our own guesses) would you'd most like to see Marvel announce this summer for a 2012 release?

Of course, if you don't see one in the list of choices and have any ideas of your own, you can share them with your fellow fans and readers in the comments section.

So please take part if our polls if you're inclined (you don't have to be a Newsarama registered member) and stick around to discuss your ideas or the results…

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