Valiant's X-O MANOWAR Celebrates 1 Million Copies Sold... Wait, What?!

"X-O Manowar #1" cover
Credit: Valiant Entertainment

Valiant Entertainment announced today the millionth copy of X-O Manowar printed since the series' relaunch in 2012. To reach this figure, the publisher is counting single-issue sales for the book's 49 issues releases thus far, both in print and digitally - as well as foreign editions. That would work out to an average sales of 20,408 per issue.

Credit: Valiant Entertainment

"Valiant is privileged to enjoy a storied history with many millions of comics sold, legions of fans around the globe, and tremendous successes spanning nearly three decades. We're excited and proud to be adding to that legacy with today's milestone. This achievement, in particular, is noteworthy because it affirms the success that comes with a commitment to storytelling," said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani.

Shamdasani is scheduled to be at the Richmond, Va. printing plant that will print this millionth copy of X-O Manowar today - that being a copy of this month's X-O Manowar #49. The Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) will be on-hand to to grade and certify the book.

The book will be on-display at Valiant's booth at Baltimore Comic Con later this month, and fans who bring a copy of X-O Manowar #49 can get theirs embossed with a "Valiant 1,000,000th copy seal."

Since Valiant's relaunch in 2012, X-O Manowar has been the company's flagship title with an uninterrupted run by series writer Robert Venditti. The series is scheduled to end with X-O Manowar #50 in September.

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