Do Rebirth's SUPERMAN Titles Feature Fallout From WATCHMEN Reveal?

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Credit: DC Comics

While Psycho Pirate's appearance in Batman has gotten the attention of readers looking for clues about the Watchmen reveal in DC Universe: Rebirth, some events in this month's various Superman title appear to be dealing with the larger mystery.

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

One of the more shocking revelations was that the new Superwoman title not only stars "New 52" Lois Lane, but a superpowered Lana Lang as well. And by the end of the issue, Lois Lane appears to have died, in a manner that seems awfully similar to how "New 52" Superman died in Superman #52. Same lightning bolt. Same "Zrakoom" sound effect. And it even appears to be the same type of strange form left behind after each character's death.

As Lois died, she said, "Clark..? Oh God. I understand now…it all makes se…"

It appears that DC is clearing out the duplicate characters in the "Rebirth"-ed DCU, with both "New 52" Superman and "New 52" Lois Lane going by the wayside. However, there's also an obvious pattern here.

Earlier this month, in Action Comics #961, the mysterious Mr. Oz — who showed up in DC Universe: Rebirth #1 (and who seems to be connected to the Watchmen characters, if a strategically placed "Oz" tattoo on one of his followers is to be believed) — started to make his move, directly affecting the events of the storyline in Action Comics.

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During what appears to be an ongoing "game" for Mr. Oz (he uses the word "game" in Action Comics and also used it in DC Universe: Rebirth), he orders his followers to immobilize Doomsday and push him toward a gate — right in the middle of the current Superman's fight with the villain.

Readers will remember that Mr. Oz first appeared back in 2014 during the "New 52" run of Superman. The character was shown to be watching the "New 52" hero's life played out on TV screens, implying in his dialogue that he'd already played a part in that hero's past.

Then in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, Mr. Oz tells post-Crisis Superman that he's there to tell him something in the wake of "New 52" Superman's death — something he calls a "tragedy." (The quotation marks are his, implying that "New 52" Superman's death wasn't a tragedy at all.)

"You and your family are not what you believe you are," Mr. Oz says. "And neither was the fallen Superman."

Now that the fallen "New 52" Superman has been joined by a fallen "New 52" Lois Lane — who died in a similar matter and was implied to have seen "New 52" Superman when she died — is the secret of their existence going to be revealed, just as Mr. Oz has started to mess with things in the "Rebirth"-ed DC universe?

Credit: DC Comics

DC writers have already said that they're working very closely together to tie stories into the building Watchmen reveal fallout over the next two years. In recent Superman stories, it looks like the foundation's building blocks are being placed already.

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