Noted Anti-Comic Book & Anti-RPG Doctor Sent to Prison

Dungeons & Dragons
Credit: TSR

Outspoken critic of roleplaying Games and comic books Thomas Radecki has been sentenced to 11 to 22 years in prison after a long-running court trial, according to Pittsburgh's WTAE. The one-time medical doctor was convicted in Clarion County, Pennsylvania on charges including illegally administering controlled substances as a doctor, and running a corrupt organization.

Radecki rose to prominence in 1985 when he openly called for the censorship of RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons for allegedly causing the death of players. Radecki was called as an expert in over twelve criminal cases involving murder and RPGs, including that of Darren Molitor. The one-time doctor was even referenced in a 2001 Jack Chick tract.

"The evidence in these cases is really quite impressive. There is no doubt in my mind that the game Dungeons and Dragons is causing young men to kill themselves and others," said Radecki at the time. "The game is one of non-stop combat and violence. Although I am sure that the people at TSR mean no harm, that is exactly what their games are causing. Based on player interviews and game materials, it is clear to me that this game is desensitizing players to violence, and, causing an increased tendency to violent behavior."

In 1989, Radecki appeared on The Larry King Show to argue of the "evil" effects that comic books and RPGs had on people. Former Kitchen Sink Press publisher Denis Kitchen also appeared on the show as a contrasting opinion, along with callers such as Frank Miller.

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