CIVIL WAR II Adds Extra Issue, Reason For Delays Revealed By BENDIS

Page from "Civil War II"
Credit: David Marquez (Marvel Comics)
Credit: David Marquez (Marvel Comics)

Following news that upcoming Civil War II issues are being delayed as much four weeks each, series writer Brian Michael Bendis has come out to explain the reasons - and also announce that the event series is expanding by one issue.

"Well, if you peek over at David Marquez's Facebook you’ll discover that he and his amazing wife Tara just had a kick ass baby boy. A very cute baby too. And not all babies are cute at the start :)," Bendis posted on Tumblr. "Not a delay hell, or a conspiracy, just a new baby in the middle of the hardest issue to draw. the ending of four shows that five is a monster."

Although Bendis doesn't state how much exactly that affected Marquez's output, he does say that the artist has been doing "about a page a day for the last couple weeks."

And for Marvel's part, Bendis said they're confident in the team despite the delays to greenlight another issue - Civil War II #8.

"I came up with a better ending but needed the pages," said Bendis. "Very grateful that they let us do our thing."

Marvel pursued a similiar strategy with its last major event, Secret Wars. That series was expanded by one issue, despite significant delays, due to what the publisher said was revised plans by writer Jonathan Hickman.

Marvel could not be reached for comment.

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