SEAN MURPHY Announces DC 'Exclusive' & New BATMAN Title

Batman by Sean Murphy
Credit: Sean Murphy (DC Comics)
Credit: Sean Murphy

On Twitter over the weekend, writer/artist Sean Murphy revealed that he has signed an two-year 'exclusive' agreement with the publisher to work on his already-announced arc of Scott Snyder's All-Star Batman, as well as a subsequent 'Elseworlds' Batman series he'll be writing and drawing himself.

"For the next two years I'm exclusively working with DC on 2 Batman books: Allstar and one that I'm writing/drawing myself," said Murphy. "So if you're planning on reading my Allstar run (the finale), pick up Snyder's Allstar books NOW."

Murphy describes his as-yet-untitled Batman book as "my [Dark Knight Returns] and Year 100 -- an Elseworlds-like take on Batman. My atempt at an opus," he explained. "Planning on using as many of the Bat villains as I can!"

Murphy plans to redesign "everything and everyone" for his solo Batman book, and currently projects it to be an eight-issue series.

"Batman is the top of the comic book mountain. It's my chance to climb it."

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