Charity Auction To Honor MARK GRUENWALD

Captain America by Mike Zeck
Credit: Mike Zeck (Marvel Comics)
Credit: David Banegas

As part of a celebration of the life of Mark Gruenwald on the 20th anniversary of his passing, his widow has partnered with others in the auction of a unique piece of art commemorating the writer/artist/editor.

"My desire is to honor him and give others the chance to contribute to their dreams and enable them to be just like Mark - just a kid from Wisconsin who had the inspiration as a child to be a superhero," said Catherine Schuller, Gruenwald's widow.

CharityBuzz is auctioning off a mixed media piece by David Banegas that was done in honor of Gruenwald. Titled "20 Years Tribute to Mark Gruenwald, Mr. Marvel," the piece is being auctioned with all proceeds going to the University of Wisconsin's Oshkosh Foundation and a scholarship set-up in Gruenwald's name. Gruenwald graduated as an art major from U of W in 1975, and he and his widow have supported the college on several previous occasions.

Former Marvel Editor-In-Chief Tom DeFalco helped facilitate this scholarship, and spoke about the auction.

"I am happy to honor Mark's memory and I believe just as he did, that supporting art and creative minds make the world a much more fun place to live in," said DeFalco.

Here is a video about the auction:

The auction launched Friday morning, going through September 1.

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