DC's Movie FLASH Wants to Race TV's FLASH

Flash & Flash
Credit: The CW / Warner Bros.

The 2016 Rio Olympics are in high gear, but another kind of race is being teased in DC's live-action multiverse. DC's movie Flash Ezra Miller was recently quoted as saying that he'd love to have in-character race with his television counterpart, Grant Gustin.

"He's a boss. I can't wait to see him, eye to eye, adrift in the Speed Force -- our eyes will lock and, in that moment, we will both know the truth. What truth? I dare not say," Miller told MTV News.

Although Miller said that he and Gustin have never met in person, the two have playfully gone back-and-forth in interviews on several occasions. At Comic-Con International: San Diego, Newsarama was even the first to show Gustin the costume Miller would be wearing as the Flash, provoking this response.

"Oh man, I haven't seen this. I heard they might show it today, but I hadn't seen it," Gustin told Newsarama. "That's sick. I thought they might make it look like of like Injustice."

"It's totally different from our costume," Gustin said, referring to the one he wears on CW's The Flash. "I like that our costume is more of the classic version. That's something I don't think you'll see anywhere else."

Miller is set to reprise his role as the FLash in Justice League, opening in theaters November 17, 2017. For Gustin, he'll next appear as the new season of The Flash begins October 4 on the CW.

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